MEGA TRADE FOLLOW UP : FAILURE TO LAUNCHWatch now (11 min) | Even a space race does not make rocket business look like a mega trade
FOOD INFLATION UPDATEWatch now (12 min) | Commodity related inflationary impulse has lessened, but strangely GLD/TLT continues to trade well.
BONDS - DO SOME MATHWatch now (10 min) | BDSM - Bonds, do some math
RETHINKING JAPANWatch now (15 min) | Is Japan a vision of the future? Or an outlier? Or it really the centre of the financial universe? I am toying with the idea as…
ARE JAPANESE BANKS A BUY?Watch now (10 min) | If we are moving to a pro-labour world, then yes
SHORT SELLING SUCKS - SINO STOCKS SERIESWatch now (8 min) | Short selling is never easy
WAR IN UKRAINE - HUNTING FOR THE MEGA TRADEWatch now (12 min) | The war in Ukraine has changed the world in a new and profound way
WHAT TO DO ABOUT INDIA?Watch now (15 min) | I have mixed feelings about investing India. It sits in the junction of pro-capital and pro-labour policies. I suspect the market…
NEW YEAR SPECIAL : HAVE WE SEEN A PEAK IN PAX AMERICANA?Watch now (13 min) | How can we define it? And if we have peaked, how should we invest?

December 2022

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL : HAVE THERE BEEN OTHER PRO-LABOUR SHIFTS?Watch now (15 min) | Pro-labour shifts when they occur between countries tend to be revolutionary. If a pro-labour shift is an attack on American…
BOJ - WELCOME TO THE PARTY!Watch now (5 min) | Pro-labour swing finally arrives in Japan
HOW TO RUN NET SHORTWatch now (16 min) | But you need to be sure of the political world we are operating in