Issues with clearinghouses

CLEARINGHOUSES - LDI AND THE LESSONS WE WON'T LEARNWatch now (13 min) | Regulators are still blaming the funds - and not the clearinghouses
LSE IS TO BLAME FOR THE GILT CRASHWatch now (9 min) | More than leveraged pension funds, mismanagement of bond clearing at LCH is likely reason behind gilt crash
CLEARINGHOUSES AND THE GILT MELTDOWNWatch now (7 min) | Clearinghouses are a market reform that really makes little sense. There were likely at the centre of the blow-up in the Gilt…
ICE ICE BABYWatch now (9 min) | Problems at ICE show that the real purpose of clearinghouse reform was to remove a banks ability to force another bank into…
THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE SHOULD HAVE DESTROYED CLEARINGHOUSES Watch now (11 min) | The ISDA-SIMM suggested that there should have been a dangerous amount of leverage be in oil spread trades. Given the moves we have…
BUY THE DIP OR SELL THE RIP - PART IIIWatch now (12 min) | Is liquidity really the only thing that matters?
CLEARINGHOUSES - FEEDBACK FROM USERSWatch now (10 min) | Looking at clearinghouses from a users view
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