SVB - IS THAT REALLY THE END OF THE HIKING CYCLE?Watch now (11 min) | The Pro-Labour, Anti-Capital cycle continues in my view
A LONG IDEA!Watch now (14 min) | Pro-labour policies should be good for consumption and commodities everywhere

February 2023

INFLATION OR NO INFLATION?Watch now (11 min) | That is the question!

January 2023

THE NEXT FOOD SPIKE?Watch now (11 min) | Is it right to export food when you cannot feed your own people?
FOOD INFLATION UPDATEWatch now (12 min) | Commodity related inflationary impulse has lessened, but strangely GLD/TLT continues to trade well.

December 2022

AM I WRONG ABOUT BONDS?Watch now (11 min) | I am bearish bonds - but am I wrong?

November 2022

TIME TO SHORT 30 YEAR TREASURIES?Watch now (10 min) | Western Bond Market have rallied recently. Investors are reading a top to inflation pressures, but I see food inflation continuing…
FOOD INFLATION REVISITEDWatch now (11 min) | Before Ukraine, Chinese pork prices drove food inflation. Chinese pork price looks likely to drive food inflation again.

October 2022

REVISITING GLD/TLTWatch now (11 min) | Inflation has forced a change at central banks, and broken bond markets. Should we get rid of the GLD part of the GLD/TLT trade?

July 2022

ARE COMMODITIES REALLY SAYING DEFLATION?Watch now (10 min) | Key commodities are inflecting towards inflation again

June 2022

FOOD INFLATION IS THE LITMUS TESTWatch now (9 min) | In a free market world, ags are a short. In a political world, they are a buy.

April 2022

IS FOOD INFLATION SECULAR OR CYCLICAL - PART IIWatch now (11 min) | China seems to be shifting policy to favour labour over capital. Does this make food inflation secular?