Excellent quality and the format works.

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For me the sound quality is actually better, miss the presentation format but can easily read the paper as it’s written and as you speak.

McDonalds such an interesting one on the ATH point. I just wonder whether inflation plays a part on the price action comparatively speaking. Also it’s a defensive stock and should a high cost of capital persist, the discounted cashflows here shrink heavily IMO.

Thanks for the post

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I've been expecting inflation would eventually chip away at the company. Several fast food and consumer snacks companies such as Pepsi have been reporting sales growth less than their price increases. Eventually, their lost customers will catch up with them.

MCD has an incredible wedge pattern that hasn't broken yet. Resistance is at $292 here, about 3% upside risk. It could go higher if the market goes nuts, but the lifetime support line is down at $110 area.

Charts don't always have to complete, but as a bear, this is my favorite chart that hasn't broken yet. This is almost perfection for a bearish trade if we get the break. I plan on using short-date options because the breakdown should be explosive out of this pattern, but I suspect it could be years before this one bottoms.

My interpretation of the current rise of MCD and also the consumer staples sector is that long-only managers are moving into stocks they think are safe the past couple of weeks. The almost straight-line daily gains look like program trading.

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