Short Selling

Short ideas

SHORT SELLING SUCKS - SINO STOCKS SERIESWatch now (8 min) | Short selling is never easy
HOW TO RUN NET SHORTWatch now (16 min) | But you need to be sure of the political world we are operating in
WHAT TO SHORT SELL - PART IIIWatch now (14 min) | If the politics and macro match up, then its time for industry research.
SHORT INTEREST RATIO VS BORROW COST - OR HOW TO AVOID SHORT SQUEEZESWatch now (12 min) | Short interest ratio is easier to find and easier to analyse, but it won't help you avoid short squeezes; borrow cost does a better…
WHAT TO SHORT SELL - PART IIWatch now (10 min) | Using the idea of unsupported bull markets - with a current example.
THE THREE PROFIT CENTRES OF SHORT SELLINGWatch now (14 min) | Or why I stopped short selling - Part II
SELL THE RIP OR BUY THE DIP?Watch now (12 min) | Bonds still look like a sell too me
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